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2018 Black Friday – Expired

2018 Black Friday Feature: Black Friday, We are Ready! November 23rd, the 2018 “Black Friday” shopping carnival is coming, which is the most popular festival for consumers and businesses around the world. In order to win the Black Friday and hit new sales records, Hisense’s overseas markets have been well prepared. In the United States, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and is one of the most important shopping carnival for retailers of the year. Hisense USA has set a one-day sales record of 520,000 TV units on Black Friday, 2017. To achieve a higher sales records this year, Hisense USA has prepared enough stock in mainstream retail channels, such as Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s club, Target, etc. Meanwhile, Hisense USA also conducted online news release to coordinate with the Black Friday promotion and invited well-known media such as CNN, CNET, Forbes reporting on the hot sale products to maximize the reach of the consumers. Hisense Black Friday Deals Team Black Friday now is not only American consumers’ own shopping carnival, it is also becoming more and more popular in European markets. Hisense Spain has launched a Black Friday promotion on its official website, covering televisions, smart phones and refrigerators. In this year’s promotion, Hisense Spain paid special attention to U7 TVs, focusing on selling points of high-definition and smart selling points to attract consumers. To fully take advantage of the Black Friday opportunity, Hisense France prepared adequate stock not only in offline stores but also online e-commerce platforms, such as Boulanger, Conforama, ELECTRO DEPOT and PRO&Cie. Hisense UK also launched a promotion themed “Deals to make you feel Black Fri-YAY!” on official website, and conducted the activity on three products of TVs and refrigerators. In addition to the American and European markets, the Black Friday boom has covered the whole world. In Dubai markets, combined with local culture, Hisense Dubai has launched TV promotions in mainstream retailers. Hisense South Africa also released tempting information “TV process never seen before” on website, inviting consumers to offline retailers As a global shopping carnival, Black Friday has become another sales peak for Hisense’s overseas markets. 2018 Black Friday has kicked off, let’s look forward to the great news from Hisense’s overseas markets!