HMD2G21S medical products


21.3” Diagnosis Monitor

Hisense clinical review displays are strictly conformed to DICOM standard, which can be widely used in clinical diagnosis, video browsing and image audit purposes.


  • DICOM Part14 Standard
  • Intelligent Gamma Calibration
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • High Grayscale and Colour Processing
  • Eye-Protection and Energy-Saving
  • Rapid Brightness Stability Technology

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DICOM Part14 Standard

The DICOM-compliant display accurately represents the subtle shading of medical images, and guarantees consistent display over time in different terminals.

Intelligent Gamma Calibration

Hisense patented intelligent GAMMA calibration technology is suitable for reading grayscale and colour images on the same screen simultaneously, which will improve reading accuracy.

Wide Viewing Angle

The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees can ensure the users from different angles can obtain the same image quality without colour cast.

High Grayscale and Colour Processing

Using high-gray processing technology, you can obtain more smoother and precise images.

Eye-Protection and Energy-Saving

Continuously monitor ambient brightness and adjust screen accordingly in time to reduce visual fatigue and enhance reading experiences.

Rapid Brightness Stability Technology

Quickly reach the brightness steady state within 10s after starting up, to ensure that the doctor can quickly carry out the diagnosis work.