Endoscopic monitor


32” Endoscopic Monitor

Surgery monitors can be widely used for variety of medical scenes such as surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Operating room(OR) display is suitable for DOR, DSA, training and video broadcast.


  • Perfect Image Quality
  • Dual Power Supply Design
  • Optical Bonding
  • Abundant I/O Design
  • Excellent Industrial Design
  • Window-split Technique

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Perfect Image Quality

With FHD and 4K resolution displays, it can represent richer image details and more accurate colour reproduction effects, to help surgeons improve surgical efficiency.

Dual Power Supply Design

Dual power supply system, so if one power system fails, the display will switch to another power system seamlessly without affecting the operation process.

Optical Bonding

Employs high-efficient long-life LCD panel with LED backlit which can meet variety of requirements such as lower noise as well as cleanliness.

Abundant I/O Design

Support multi-channel HD and UHD signal input and output, providing you with flexible window layout mode, fully meeting the requirements of DOR.

Excellent Industrial Design

With a slim exterior and ultra-narrow bezel design, you have the flexibility to choose the installation solution (suspension/embedded wall).

Window-split Technique

Supports physical quad-window split function, with independent adjustment capability of each window input source to meet the requirements of DOR.