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Cleaning an Oven Has Never Been This Simple

You probably remember the times when you (or your mother) scrubbed your oven on your knees, every week, so that its surface wouldn’t get stained with old grease, and your favourite kitchen assistant would remain as good as new for as long as possible. Then, built-in ovens entered the market, eliminating the need for aching knees and backs (that is, of course, if we built them in above the countertop). Below, we also share a trick on how to clean baking trays and other removable parts faster and better. You don’t believe us? Have a look!

Why is cleaning the oven so important?

Apart from the obvious reason that no one wants a dirty oven covered in old grease stains, the main reason why an oven should be cleaned regularly is for your health and hygiene. A build-up of old grease and food on the oven’s surface and heating elements prevents even heating, which doesn’t only mean that your cakes will be less than perfect and that you’ll consume more energy but also that the food won’t be evenly baked, so you’ll potentially be serving undercooked meals to your family members. Furthermore, during the heating process, old grease begins releasing carbon gases, which present a risk when inhaled, and can affect the taste and smell of food and fill your kitchen with smoke and unpleasant odours. Old grease can even ignite. If you fail to clean your oven regularly, you must tackle it with more aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals that can also be harmful to your health – not only during cleaning but later as well.

How to easily clean the inside of my oven?

Remove all internal items from the oven so that it is empty. Take a damp cloth with oven cleaner and wipe thoroughly while paying attention to those dirty spots. After the wipe-down, use a separate damp cloth to remove the oven cleaner and all dirt along with it.

How do I clean the detachable parts and baking trays quickly and easily?

Dissolve one dishwasher tablet in it and soak the holders and rack for 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be to remove all stubborn grease just using a kitchen sponge. You can do the same with all your baking pans that you don’t have the heart to discard, even though they’ve seen better days. Reinstall the holders and take in the view of your oven sparkling like new!