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Hisense 88-inch Sonic TV now in South Africa

Hisense has launched its ground-breaking 88-inch Sonic Screen Laser TV in South Africa.

Hisense has launched its ground-breaking 88-inch Sonic Screen Laser TV in South Africa. The 88L5VG TV offers a variety of cutting-edge technologies that provide the ultimate entertainment experience. Click here to get the Hisense 88L5VG. The Hisense 88L5VG is the first “sonic screen” Laser TV to offer a cellular bionic sound panel that uses Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology. This involves countless audio units positioned behind the screen so that your sound comes directly from your screen – offering a true integration between sound and picture. The DML technology is in contrast to how TVs usually operate, which is by having small speakers along their bezel. By having the sound track directly with the picture, you will feel like you are actually in the scene you are watching.

Awesome sound

This sound principle means that you get a true 360-degree audio experience. Because the sound is being played from the entire screen, rather than from small speakers on the frame of the display, every seat in your viewing area becomes an audio sweet spot. This also means there are fewer distance limitations, and attenuation is greatly diminished. Alongside this, a 97% high fidelity ratio – upgraded by 10% compared to OLED acoustic screens – uses micro-level amplitude to provide fast sound conversion speeds and response times, resulting in distortion being lowered a lot. Furthermore, you don’t need dedicated soundbars and subwoofers – as the bass of this TV reaches up to 50Hz. This is the highest frequency of bass in the Laser TV market, and provides comparable bass to professional subwoofers.

Great picture quality

Complementing the incredible audio features of the Hisense 88-inch Sonic Screen Laser TV is its stunning picture quality. The 88L5VG uses a pure laser source to provide high-quality pictures with optimal levels of brightness, thanks to its implementation of low blue light. It also boasts a smart sensor which protects your eyes so that you avoid hurting them when watching your favourite shows and movies. As an ultra-short-throw Laser TV, it is easy to fit into your living area too, while the screen itself is just 2.9cm thick – resulting in easy installation. Hisense’s 88L5VG also offers all the smart applications you will need – including Netflix, YouTube, Showmax, and DStv Now.

Get the Hisense 88L5VG today

The Hisense 88L5VG is available in South Africa for R49,999 – an impressive price for such an innovative and high-quality TV. If you would like to buy this TV, you can get it at the following retailers:

  • HiFi Corp
  • Hirsch’s
  • House and Home
  • Tafelberg
  • Kloppers
  • Takealot
  • Premium Outlet
  • Rectron
  • Atlas
  • Makro
  • Esquire
  • Aucor

Hisense is also embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign which includes adverts on billboards in high-traffic areas, as well as an exciting influencer campaign which will start soon. Click here to get the Hisense 88L5VG.