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Hisense is home

In this modern age it has become crucial for any successful technology company to have an organic and truly meaningful influence on the lives of the consumers that purchase their products.   In a landscape where marketing has become more important than actual product development, only few have made it their primary goal to develop products that are genuinely groundbreaking.   Hisense has taken this task to heart – and has dedicated itself to providing true value to all that purchase their products, no matter the price tag. Hisense is dedicated to showcase to the world that true innovation will indeed prevail.   With the latest in technological advancements, deep attention to detail and finest precision being implemented into all stages of product design and production – Hisense is setting the tone for innovation with each and every unit being released into the market. It is on this exciting note, that Hisense announces the release of an array of never-before-seen products for 2020.   In the first week of August 2020 – Hisense will announce and showcase more than 10 brand new products, in an exciting new way! Hisense invites South Africa: To dive into the ultimate Hisense experience from the comfort of your own home, in an exclusive interactive live stream with South Africa’s finest personalities, musicians and influencers.   Join us and see what true innovation looks like.   Hisense is Home. Are you?   Jenine Whitehorn Marketing Manager, Hisense South Africa