/ Hisense Laser TV Received Positive Comments From Renowned Worldwide Media In 2017 CEDIA

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Hisense Laser TV Received Positive Comments From Renowned Worldwide Media In 2017 CEDIA

September 5-9, SANDIEGO, Hisense Laser TV was officially exhibited on CEDIA. CEDIA is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. CEDIA represents a 3,700-worldwide member community and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals that manufactures, designs, and integrates goods and services for the connected home. Hisense Laser TV received exceptional comments from global media, highlighting outstanding contribution in the laser television industry and its performance shown at CEDIA. Hisense laser TV was prominently featured in many important media articles. Hisense Booth design was a living room life concept, which acheived the goal of showcasing the product in medium ambient light while still achieving excellent picture quality and viewing experience. Hisense Laser TV with the 100-inch screen and 4K picture quality utilizes the same technology used in movie theaters, combined with laser light technology that is bright and energy efficient. The screen is very lightweight; roughly 50 lbs. The elegantly designed system includes a built-in invisible Harman Kardon engineered high-quality 4 speaker sound system. The Laser TV is also a Smart TV with great entertainment available from Netflix, Amazon Video, You Tube and music from Pandora, i-Heart Radio, and more. The laser source of 4K laser TV is not only environmentally-friendly but also presents brighter and more abundant color. With the cutting-edge technology, Hisense 4K Laser TV can bring the most stunning cinematic experience. Hisense 4K Laser TV CEDIA Hisense 4K Laser TV became a highlight of the CEDIA Show in 2017. The show audience was extremely impressed by the brightness and picture quality. Media such as Digital Trends, Twice, Projection Reviews, HD Guru, etc., actively participated in reporting Hisense 4K Laser TV. “Excited to see it and Dual Color at CES”, “Happy to finally see the Laser TV launching in the U.S.” “Surprised to see such a high-end, premium product launching by Hisense”. Residential Systems and TWICE, which honor outstanding products exhibited each year at CEDIA via committee evaluation by anonymous professional integrator and journalist judges, had selected the Hisense 4K Laser TV as a winner of the 2017 CEDIA Best of Show Award!