Hisense 4K Laser TV – Bigger, Brighter, Sharper

Hisense 4K Laser TV - Bigger, Brighter, Sharper

It’s more than just a TV! With a huge 100-inch screen, the Hisense 4K Laser TV delivers the most stunning cinematic experience! With this super large 4K display, it’s time to sit back and relax as your home becomes an amazing movie theatre. So be immersed beyond your imagination!

4K Ultra-HD TV

The Hisense 4K Laser TV now takes this concept to the next level, off ering projections in 4K resolution with 3840 × 2160 pixels. Delivering the ? nest picture details.


With a distance between the wall and the projector of only 19cm, and with the latest technology (Mirrors) you get a 100 inch Ultra HD picture on screen


And with wide colour gamut (12% more colour coverage than normal LED), it delivers a broader range of colors for a more natural viewing experience.


With more than 3000 luminance and the advanced Fresnel screen, great picture quality detail will not be lost even in a very bright room.


The new Laser TV is especially eye-friendly, viewers will not get eyestrain even when watching TV for a long time.


HOURS 4K Laser TV’s life span is roughly 4 times longer than those of a conventional projector, with more than 20 000 viewing hours.


4K Laser TV supports DTS 5.1 surround sound, giving you an enveloping and natural surround sound experience.

Hisense 4K Laser Cast TV launched at CES 2017 received favorable response from media worldwide

Hisense, the multinational consumer technology manufacturer and one of the largest television brands in the world, is committed to aggressively expanding its presence and prominence as a technology company with new product lines across 4K Laser Cast TV. During the past CES 2017, the 4K Laser Cast launched by Hisense has received great positive comments from renowned media worldwide. The product was prominently featured in at least 30 articles with Men’s Journal even calling it one of the four coolest products from the show.