Hisense & FILIBIZ Signs Commercial Air Conditioning Agreement in SA


On June 13th, Hisense and FILIBIZ officially signed the Hisense commercial air conditioning sales agency agreement for the South African market. Under this agreement, Hisense will provide VRF and light commercial air conditioners to South Africa. This marks the first time that Hisense VRF has entered the South African market and all major Hisense commercial air conditioners are now available in South Africa.

FILIBIZ has tremendous experience in the commercial air conditioning market and has cooperated with Mitsubishi Electric for 13 years. FILIBIZ is the exclusive agency for Mitsubishi air conditioners in South Africa. It has professional air conditioning teams in design, sales, training and logistics, and owns three companies with excellent industrial resources and customer relationships. This will be an important platform for Hisense to grow in the commercial air conditioning market.

According to the agency agreement, FILIBIZ will be responsible for the sales of Hisense VRF and light commercial air conditioners. FILIBIZ’s extensive sales network in the industry and wealth of sales experience will lay a solid foundation for Hisense product sales and brand promotion. By the end of July, FILIBIZ will send a team including general manager, marketing director, and chief engineer to visit Hisense commercial air conditioner factory in Qingdao. They will also participate in product training organized by Hisense. By the end of August, FILIBZ will officially organize the Hisense VRF product launch event and invite industry distributors, installers, and contractors to attend the ceremony.

According to BSRIA (The Building Services Research and Information Association) data, the VRF market capacity of South Africa is about $50 million US dollars. Hisense’s commercial air conditioning entrance to the market will not only promote sales of Hisense products, but will also further strengthen its local product lineup and brand promotion.

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