Hisense Celebrates Successful Year of Local Manufacturing


Hisense, the global manufacturer of premium consumer electronics and home appliances, is celebrating a year since its manufacturing plant opened its doors in Atlantis.

The year has been marked with a number of achievements and accolades, including substantial topline growth; recognition as Hisense’s best performing subsidiary outside of China; and being listed by Topco as one of their Best Performing Companies.

2013: A Phenomenal Year

For the third consecutive year Hisense South Africa achieved substantial top line growth of 30%.
Commenting on this, Jerry Liu, President of Hisense South Africa said: “Our continued topline growth is a phenomenal success, which we believe can be attributed to two aspects: we offer the best product and service to our customers; and we have fostered incredibly strong and strategic partnerships with retail, government and suppliers alike.”
Against the backdrop of this astounding achievement was the mammoth task of commissioning the large manufacturing operation in Cape Town, a R350 million investment. The facility was up and running after just only six months.
Today the manufacturing facility is fully operational, and has the capacity to produce 400 000 TV’s and fridges per annum. A milestone is the manufacturing of the Hisense 84” UHD TV – the first to be manufactured on African soil.
“Apart from the commercial attributes, our manufacturing facility has become an institution for job creation and skills development: we employ around 500 people from the area, almost 200 more than our first 12 month forecast. This employment and skills development in turn empowers the staff, their families and the community at large,” continued Liu.

2014: A Year of Change

With 2014 in full swing, Hisense has adopted the theme – the ‘Year of Change’.

Explaining the focus ahead, Deputy GM, Ebrahim Kahn said: “The business has achieved a Certificate of Origin and a ‘Proudly South African’ endorsement – both of which will assist us in building our brand in Sub Saharan Africa in an aggressive manner.”
“We also intend on investing into more resources in order to grow the businesses footprint, and to enhance public perception of the brand.”
“On the horizon, too, are new products such as our mobile telecommunication devices, and audio systems, that we will be bringing to market as strong competitors. At the core of this will be the introduction of our Four Year Warranty – which is almost double the industry standard,” he continued.

Robust business model

To achieve their ambitious targets, Hisense South Africa has developed a robust business model to strongly take on competitors in the South African market.
The model, coined by the brand as their “G to G” strategy, will be used as a cornerstone for driving competitive offering and customer service.
“We’ve refined aspects of our business model and offering to enable us to compete more aggressively. Our focus is on three pillars – great products, great service, and great value – and we aim to be leaders in each of these areas,” continued Khan.
The future for Hisense South Africa certainly looks bright.
“We see growth in the South African market, which continues to be placed as the priority market. However, we are analyzing other key African markets for new growth opportunities”, finishes Khan.

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