Hisense Donates to Orion Charity for Christmas Celebration

Hisense Donates to Orion Charity for Christmas Celebration

On Dec 5th, 2014, Hisense South Africa donated to Orion Charity in Atlantis for their Christmas celebration lunch. Hisense brought Christmas gifts, braai lunch (BBQ) to 300 disabled people as well as notebooks, pens, footballs, and rugby balls to disabled children.

The event started at around 9:30am. The CEO of Orion Charity, Hannl Cronjé, made the opening speech and Hisense Representative, Mark Dammert, spoke on behalf of Hisense. Ms. Hannl thanked Hisense for the donation and said, “Maintaining a charity like Orion is very difficult, it needs the support of the community and the enterprise. ”

During the event, Hisense staff and Orion charity staff all wore Hisense T-shirts, and worked together to serve the disabled people. They made braai, gave away gifts, and played with children; Orion Organization also prepared the Christmas programs for the charity people.

The CEO of Orion Charity Ms. Hannle wanted to show to the community that disabled people also can “do” things other than the disabled side. This donation strengthens the relationship between Hisense and the local community in South Africa. Also, it helps to further strengthen the image of Hisense as an enterprise.


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