Hisense launching world’s first 4K short focal laser cast

On the day before UEFA Euro final, Hisense, the NO.1 TV sales volume manufacturer in China, held global customer conference at Paris and met its commitment of launching the world’s first 4K short focal laser cast.


Currently, LED backlit TV prevails on the market. The cost increases as the size of screen being bigger. Hisense laser cast, with 217 patents and excellent optical engine, high resolution lens, takes the world by surprise: it has full ability to reach and even excel traditional LCD regarding brightness and color saturation. There’s more, the price is only 10% of a LCD TV of the same size. Earlier, 4K LCOS laser projector launched by Japan’s SONY sold around $50000.


“The ultimate target of technology is to rebuild cost advantage”, delivered by vice president of Hisense, Dr. Lin Lan. Hisense’s dream is that every ordinary family could have a home theater. Once it came true, Hisense would be a leader of the world TV industry. Both CCTV News and evening news reported the UEFA Euro 2016 sponsorship of Hisense and world’s first 4K short focal laser cast.