Hisense Shines at The Makro Carnival Store opening

Hisense Shines at The Makro Carnival Store opening – South Africa’s Largest Chain store with High LSM’s


makro-hisense-1On April 20th, the No.2 mass mart channel, “Makro” opened their new store “Makro Carnival Mall”, Before the opening, there were already customers waiting outside of the store, queuing up for all the amazing store opening specials, by 6am there were around 1000 people waiting to enter and overall on the day there was a foot count of around 50000 people that entered into the store(Totally 22000 cars). All brands were preparing to push the sales during this day, offering incredible specials, gifts and displays.

As Makro is aimed at our higher end customer, Hisense gave full attention to Makro Carnival’s opening and prepared well. At the TV sales zone, 18 units of Hisense UHD TVs were displayed and also played Hisense logo’s and videos, on them. At the entrance of the store, Hisense secured bulk display areas, and our field team arrived as early as 5am to prepare for the opening, running furiously between TV, fridge and mobile sales areas during the whole day to push sales

In order to make sure all our products were ready and enough stock was held, Hisense SA product manager’s and product line manager’s arrived at the store at 4am to check all was going to run smoothly, with product line manager’s even climbing onto 2-meter-high product bulk displays to help move TVs and make purchasing for customers easier.
On the opening day, Makro carnival reached a sales target of 48 million rand and it broke through the sales record of all previous store openings from the past.

makro-hisense-4Hisense too performed very well on the day, with our field team hub manager quoting: “Hisense sold like Hot cakes, customers couldn’t get enough” The store was buzzing and Customers were leaving with hisense TV’s and Fridges with smiles on their faces!


According to the latest news and sell out figures obtained, Hisense’s sales revenue reached 6 million Rand within 4 days, which was already over the record of any of the previous store opening figures in any channel to dates, and this was only the figure from what Hisense field team sold, and did not include the Makro sales data. Meaning the figure will actually it will be a lot more.
Makro has the Highest ROI for Hisense. It has only totally 20 stores nationally, while the TV sales make up around 20% of the industry and fridge is around 14%; within high end sales categories, its TV business is around 30% and its white goods business around 20%. Through the years of effort, Hisense has built up strategic relationship with Makro which has been beneficial and mutually respectful. Hisense’s full range of TVs entered into Makro in 2012 and full range of fridges entered in 2014, with mobile a newer entry climbing up steadily. It is therefore, Hisense South Africa treats Makro as high quality customer and aims to increase TV sales share in Makro to 17.5% in 2016 and fridge to 36%.

Hisense prepared very well for this Makro Carnival opening and received many thank you letters from the buyers; and also the good performance of Hisense sales (high volume of big sizes such as 49inch above TVs and also the No.1 sales of fridges) has strengthened the faith Makro has in Hisense, and will continue to work more closely with Hisense in the future.