Hisense South Africa Awarded Africa’s Top SCM-Driven Company


Hisense has won a first-of-its-kind award at the Africa Movers and Makers Event, heralded as Africa’s Top SCM-Driven company. This Awards Ceremony was organized by the Supply Chain Leadership Council and judged by a world-leading enterprise research company, Frost & Sullivan. Hisense South Africa won the prominent award because of its contribution to invest in South Africa for its supply chain operations.

The event had a key focus on supply chain management in Africa and the combination of its various aspects that include: demand management, port and other infrastructure, retail and manufacturing operations, and logistics management.

Ebrahim Khan, Deputy General Manager of Hisense South Africa commented, “We are committed to investing in South Africa and have made a conscious effort to employ locals with no formal qualifications and the necessary skills. They have been put through a rigorous training programme and armed with the skills required in high tech manufacturing. Our contribution validates that Africa is starting to show the development of its industrial strength in particular sectors.”

He added that “more and more, we are looking to localise our supply chain. We will go through an enterprise development programme and supply chain development programme to see which companies in the area can get us to the level where we can source at least 60 percent of components locally.

The speed at which Hisense is growing, the mobile devices segment will be a big focus and we believe it will be the next big thing after our consumer electronics and home appliances. In the future, we will be expanding with the manufacturing of the smart phones, high-end fridges as we expect great growth there” as Khan explained.

Africa Movers and Makers is a business event that was held between November 14th and 15th at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. The aim of the event was to assemble top professionals from Africa’s SCM and transport industry over two days for intellectually stimulating and focused discussions. This was followed by an evening of awards and other activities.

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