Hisense third best performing sponsor of UEFA Euro 2016

According to the latest Brand Agility Index study of UEFA Euro 2016, Hisense has been listed as the third best performing sponsor of the tournament on brand engagement table, up from fifth place in the previous report!


Hisense has done a great job at the Euros, securing a score of 129 points, beyond Coca-Cola. Benefited by attractive activities, Hisense PR strategy is an interesting and effective approach. Work with media partners such as Metropolitan, RMC, Sport Magazine, Gazzetta dello Sport, etc. Hisense has reached 10 million fans. Cooperate with famous influencers and total reach is 16.7 million. Feel everything and Quest for glory campaigns had driven engagement throughout the tournament and built on fans’ passions for their national teams and has ensured people continued to participate over an extended period of time. Social media followers are 95000.

The index is complied by ranking brands in areas including a campaign’s scalability, relevance, the speed at which it responds on social media, engagement, originality, personalisation and sentiment. The final result has been achieved by analysing all conversations and engagement levels from brands across news, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and comments on YouTube during the tournament.