New Ice Maker Fridge brings Ice Infinity to the Kitchen

Ice Maker_compressed_1
Johannesburg, July 2016
: Ideally, if one wanted ice on demand, where could one go – Antarctica, Greenland, the North Pole? Apart from being terribly expensive to travel to, it’s freezing cold there and outrageously far. Why not just step into your own kitchen for perfectly cubed or crushed ice? Of course you could haul out the good old ice tray, but don’t forget to refill it. And mind the spillage as you balance it in a freezer drawer and masterfully attempt to close it… Bid farewell to the archaic ice tray and welcome Hisense’s fabulous Ice Maker fridge (H700SI-ID), where you can finally tap into ice infinity whenever the need strikes.

With ice on demand, Hisense’s Ice Maker side-by-side fridge brings happy hour to the home – every hour. There is no need for expensive cocktails at the fancy cocktail bar down the road – rather orchestrate something fabulous in your own home. The unit boasts an integrated water and ice dispenser – an exciting first for the Hisense range.

Built into the luxury inox finish of the fridge is an electronic LED multi-function control panel allowing users to select various dispensing options, including cooling water, cubed ice or crushed ice. Bypassing the worry of ‘but will there be enough ice!’, the indoor ice maker can make up to 1.2kg of ice per day for the whole family to enjoy. It is essentially ice ‘on tap’. The height of the dispenser has been designed thoughtfully, allowing taller glasses to fit rather than struggling to fill your glass at an obscure angle. A removable wine rack – holding up to five bottles- has been included to make life that much more convenient.

The 535 litre Ice Maker fridge is engineered around NANO-freshness. This technology prolongs the freshness of fruits and vegetables by 20%, while minimizing odour via a multi air flow system. With the multiple air vent design and a digital temperature sensor, the fridge and freezer each maintain an even temperature – ensuring food stays fresher for longer. Indoor LED energy saving lighting haIce Maker_compressed_2s also been installed for a brighter (yet less heat emitting) effect.

With all these innovative features, including its A+ rating for energy efficiency, Hisense’s Ice Maker fridge allows you to AIM HIGH* and live life conveniently, affordably and fabulously. The new fridge retails for approximately R14 999 and is available from selected retailers nationwide.

*The Hisense Ice Maker fridge (H700SI-ID), is the first product launched under Hisense’s new local AIM HIGH campaign. Designed by DWF, the campaign aims to re-ignite the aspirations of South African consumers to be the best that they can be, and aim high just like Hisense does when it comes to innovation and technology.