/ Hisense Presents Internationally Its Three-Proof And Dual-Screen Mobiles At Mwc 2017

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Hisense Presents Internationally Its Three-Proof And Dual-Screen Mobiles At Mwc 2017

Barcelona, 27 February 2017. Hisense Dual Screen Technology In the Embrace the next (held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona) product launch, Hisense showcased its two latest models and brought ingenious experience to all at MWC 2017. Lots of renowned media, customers from worldwide attended the launch. ” In 2016, Hisense Group established a new strategy that aimed to aggressively build up Hisense Communications into one of the industry’s best,” said Catherine Fang, GM of Hisense International Communications, “and we are confident we can live up to this goal.” The worldwide presentation of the two latest models of Hisense have been: the Hisense Rock and the Hisense A2. The Hisense Rock combines an elegant design and powerful hardware with maximum resistance. This smartphone comes with a fourth generation Gorilla Glass screen and IP68 certification, obtained for its resistance to dust, water and shock-resistant. It has powerful hardware, which makes it a smartphone very suitable for photography and multimedia use. Hisense A2 has a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED technology panel and Full HD resolution. It also has a second built-in display that is in the rear of the device and a 5.2-inch E-ink QHD (960 x 540) low energy consumption display. This last screen is designed for reading. “Hisense is continuously searching for mobile technology improvements, such as dual screen, improved camera technology, extended battery life and fast charging technology,” Dr. Ma, VP of Hisense Multimedia Group, “will improve our devices to better understand how our users think and improve their experiences with our phones.” Smartphone will become the control centre of upcoming smart home era. Hisense CE and home appliance products will be connected by mobile phone, which means mobile phone is the key for Hisense’s future development. Smartphone is also directly or indirectly linked with our optical communication, intelligent transportation, digital medical and commercial AC products. Hisense’s future development will depend on how well our mobile phone business is developed. As a tech company with strong R&D strength and rich experience dealing with consumers and retail channels, Hisense has confidence and ability to achieve the goal to build up Hisense Communications into one of the industry’s best.

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