Platinum Service


Blingstallation will deliver, install and provide demonstration free of charge to any consumer that purchased one or more of the qualifying models.


  • Customer purchase one or more of the qualifying models.
  • Store or field team completes Blingstallation form and sent request form with proof of purchase to or 0861 881 015 or via telegram app.
  • Blingstallation contacts the customer once request received to schedule an appointment with the customer within 24 hours. Customer will also be notified electronically once appointment has been confirmed.
  • Blingstallation collects purchased unit from store (not from DC) and will assess for any defects. T&C applies
  • Blingstallation delivers and installs the product within 72hours from date of purchase within a 50km radius. T&C applies
  • Blingstallation updates Hisense web portal once installation completed.
  • Hisense to carry out survey to all customers that received service from Blinstallation.

Qualifying Models:

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