Power it on

Voltage is not stable while there is sudden power-off or power-on, which usually happens during load shedding. Unstable voltage may cause tremendous damage to electronics which may not be covered by warranty. Consumers are liable to pay for these kinds of repairs if it is not covered by insurance.

Hisense will select certain quota for all categories based on our service centres capability. The repair will be totally free.

Call 0860 447 3673 to apply for a quota! First come first served.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Hisense Free Service Month is only valid in South Africa.
  2. All branded Hisense items will qualify for the Free Service Month. Items older than 4 (four) years are excluded.
  3. Only 1 (one) item per participant is allowed.
  4. This is a carry in service only. Items are to be brought in by the end user (owner), deliveries by Dealer and / or Retailers on behalf of participants will not be accepted, no Repair Companies.
  5. Free repairs will include general service and replacement of parts and labour.
  6. Hisense items will be required to be booked in with the applicable Service Centres.
  7. One (1) month repair warranty on (labour and parts), for the originally reported fault.
  8. Units must be collected by the participant within 7 (seven) working days of notification of collection, failing which, the item will be sold to defray expenses.
  9. Products are to be collected from the relevant Service Centre where the unit was initially dropped off.
  10. No “while you wait” repairs.
  11. If your unit cannot be repaired, Hisense will afford the opportunity to assist with a chargeable exchange.

The service will include all mechanical failures. Excluding the below:

  • Audio systems: Remote control, speakers
  • Microwaves: glass plates, ring, racks and globes.
  • Dishwasher: racks and dividers
  • Washing machines: Filters, drum and tub cleans
  • Fridges: drawers and handles.
  • LED TV’s: faulty screen, cracked screens, remote controls, foot stands.
  • Cell phones: Chargers, earphones etc.
  • Items whereby the serial number were removed or tampered with, units that have been opened and tampered with or missing parts, lightning damage, physical damage, misuse, replacement of damaged cosmetic parts, paint peeling, unit rusting, cockroach or ant infestation, any damage due to rodents.
  • Discontinued items (where parts are no longer available)

Participating Service Centres

  • Johannesburg: Hisense Service Centre, unit 12 11B Riley Road, Bedfordview.
  • Cape Town: Hisense Service Centre, cnr Koeberg Road and Race course Road, Milnerton.
  • Durban: East Coast Appliance Repair, unit 45 Micro Park, Umhlanga.