Hisense Chill: The New Breakthrough in Home Entertainment


On December 11th 2014, Hisense launched the Hisense Chill at the Wired Store in New York City. Hisense Chill, expands the Hisense white goods portfolio and is a personal home beverage dispensing appliance that’s perfect for home entertainment or consumers who value convenience and ease of use for refreshment replenishment.

As the perfect addition to any family movie room or man-cave, Hisense Chill gives consumers easy access to the beverages they want the most. “Hisense Chill, is the perfect accessory for those who love to entertain and have a passion for new and innovative technology,” says Carlton Wininger, Vice-President of Appliance Sales, Hisense USA. “We are committed to furthering our footprint in the home appliance market by off­ering new, easy to use and unique products for our consumers“

Consumers are excited about this product. Most commented that ‘it’s so cool’ and ‘it is a cool product.” The consumers followed up with several questions with regards to where to buy the product, child lock functions, and the pre-cooling compartment. As a result, Hisense Chill is listed ­first in the Products Category, Life Category, and Style Category.

This one-of-a-kind evolution in home entertainment will be available to consumers in the local South African later in the year.

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