Hisense Deploys New Channel Strategy for South Africa


Next Gen TV Solution Debuting At CES 2014 Provides Retail Partners With Compelling Market Opportunity For TV Service Without a Set-top Box;
Jamdeo’s New Innovative User Interface and Vidmind’s Cloud-Based Platform Enables Multi-Screen Access To Wide Array Of Content.

Capitalizing on the emergence of cloud-based content and its own leadership in the development and manufacturing of advanced television hardware and software technologies, Hisense today announced a new channel strategy to attract retail partners in South Africa. The introduction of new televisions with integrated processing and cloud connectivity is expected to allow retailers in South Africa to sell televisions to new customers in new ways without having to mitigate for local compatibility and format compliance issues.

A range of new televisions will be shown exclusively to retailers from South Africa at CES featuring next generation multiscreen capabilities, an integrated media center and access to content from live channels, VOD, Catch Up TV and an array of applications, including gaming— without the need for a set top box. Featuring a highly-evolved, yet simple and intuitive interface designed by sister-organization, JAMDEO, and incorporating cloud connectivity and multiscreen content management services from VIDMIND, a technology innovator of OTT VOD and live TV Platforms, the new family of Hisense televisions will provide local access to global content.

“We live in a multiscreen world where content comes from many sources and needs to be accessed freely and universally from any device at any time. That is our vision,” said Dr. Lan Lin, Executive Vice President, Hisense. “At CES 2014 with the introduction of this new range of exceptional technologies we hope to attract and support a new breed of retailers in South Africa who share our vision and wish to build successful businesses and loyal customer followings based on access to the best technology available!”

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