Hisense Launched World’s First Internet Smart Air-conditioner with Interactive Weibo Control


This smart air-conditioner can easily surf the internet through the built-in PLC module which contains the technology of power line carrier wave. The end-users can use the smart phone to scan the QR code on the air-conditioner and add this air-conditioner as a “friend” of your Weibo; then the end-user can directly “talk” to the air-conditioner through private messages to get information such as the temperature and humidity in house and also can send out orders to control the air-conditioner such as power off, increasing the temperature, etc.

This is the latest series of smart products since Hisense Group launched the smart TV and Smart refrigerators. Hisense Chief Scientist Doctor Huang Weiping said that this smart air-conditioner is the iconic product based on internet technology. Besides Weibo, Hisense has also developed the smart control application for IOS and Android system for end users to download and enjoy the simpler and more enjoyable life experience.

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