Hisense makes advanced smart phone technology more accessible

Infinity H6

What do you look for in a smartphone? Ease of use, value for money and good looks? As the most affordable smartphone in South Africa, the In­nity H6, just introduced to the market by Hisense, ticks all these boxes – and more.

According to Hisense General Manager, Youbo Li, Hisense aims to restructure the mobile industry in South Africa. It is an ambitious goal, but one he feels con­dent of achieving –especially given the strength ofsense’s o?ering and the exceptional value for money it encompasses. “We’re pleased to o?er products boasting the same technology as our competitors, yet at a more a?ordable price,” he says.

The launch of the In­nity H6 follows the introduction of the product to other leading regions such as Europe, America, Asia, and the rest of Africa. With the local launch, Hisense aims to make signi­cant strides in the South African mobile market.

The In­nity H6 is crammed with features, making it easier to use not only when you’re making phone calls or using it to work remotely, but also when taking photos or using its exciting entertainment hub.

Most noteworthy is its 5.0 inch screen; a size that has been readily adopted in Europe and China – and with good reason. A 5.0 inch screen is still large enough to display signi­cant amounts of information (useful when you’re using it to conduct a web search or read a downloaded site), yet it remains comfortable to handle – even with one hand – and can even ­t inside a pocket.

What’s more, the screen has been treated with one glass solution and glass-­lm technologies, which enable it to deliver better brightness and clarity whilst remaining thinner and lighter than any other smartphone. Instagrammers and other photography enthusiasts will delight in the features that ensure the In­nity H6’s camera delivers superior results: like the Zero- Second-Later technology, which captures images as soon as you press the shutter – no more blurred outlines or just-missed moments! The back camera also boasts a 5 P aspherical lens, which guarantees better image quality and removes distortions. Look out for the LED flashlight, panoramic mode and face detection.

Another highlight setting the In­nity H6 apart from competitors is its special gesture recognition ability, which provides shortcuts to key functions with a simple swipe of the screen, creating the ultimate in user-friendliness. It’s also great for photographers: all you have to do is hold up your hand, clench your ­st – and three seconds later, the phone will take a picture. No sel­e-sticks needed!

Technically-minded consumers will be impressed by specs including Android 4.4 Kikat, Dolby Digital Sound, Snapdragon quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, 1G RAM and 16G ROM.

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