Hisense SA Releases Hisense Infinity Prime 1 Smart Phone


Themed as “The possibilities are infinite”, the “Hisense Infinity” smart phone is committed to provide a stylish, powerful and value-based device to customers. As the first product in the “Hisense Infinity” series, Prime 1 has dual SIM capabilities, allowing users to simultaneously run two SIM cards from different accounts and networks off a single mobile device. The Hisense Infinity Prime 1 also features a slick and glossy design with a large screen for a better viewing experience and a capacitive ‘multi-touch’ 5 inch QHD IPS screen for easy navigation. In addition, it features cutting edge quad-core processors and other advanced features. The phone works off an Android Linux-based operating system, providing an extraordinary experience for consumers.

Hisense released its “Hisense Infinity” smartphone through press releases, online promotions, high-end magazine ads, and others instead of product conference. And the promotion attracted many young people’s attention. The local consumers showed their great interests in Hisense Infinity and many of them contacted Hisense for more information.

Hisense smart phone has been in the start-up phase in South Africa and “Hisense Infinity” positioned Hisense smart phone as a high-end product. In the first quarter of 2014, Hisense will release other products within the “Hisense Infinity” series to the market.

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