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If you’re looking for a new washing machine, look no further. Our range has one to suit you and whatever life throws at you.

From large capacity drums, perfect for large families, to budget-friendly options for those households with less demanding laundry needs, there’s a Hisense washing machine for you. Engineered for greater efficiency with a variety of key features, there’s no wonder you’ll love laundry.

10Kg Washer / 6Kg Dryer


  • Wash & Dry – 2-in-1
  • Steam
  • Power Jet Wash
  • Inverter

10Kg Washing Machine


  • Pause & Add
  • Steam
  • Power Jet Wash
  • Inverter

6Kg Washing Machine

WFVC6010 / WFVC6010S

  • Child Lock
  • 15 Programs
  • Quick Wash
  • A+++ Energy Rating

12Kg Washing Machine


  • Auto Dosing
  • Steam
  • Power Jet Wash
  • Inverter

Auto Dose

Dose Assist allows you to determine the optimal amount of detergent for your load so you can use your washer in the most economical and environmentally friendly way.

Powerful cleaning with a Pure Jet wash

Powerful jets of water dissolve detergent into your wash efficiently helping to remove dirt from your washing quickly, leaving your clothes cleaner.

Pause & Add

This handy feature allows you to pause washing cycles and add or remove items, without affecting your wash. That means no more odd socks or red socks ruining a load of whites.

Gentle steaming, strong degerming

Hisense Allergy steam/Baby steam care technology releases massive amounts of steam from the bottom of the inner tub quickly and removes the allergen in clothes to ensure the items are healthy.

Quiet, energy efficient, more durable

The motor powering of the washing machine is like the engine of a car. The BLDC motor is the best motor for your washing machine because of its brushless and frictionless drive. It changes the motor rotation principle to keep it cool during operation, allowing you to save more energy.

  • Quiet and low vibration
  • More energy saving
  • Environmentally

Washer and dryer combination, better performance

This Hisense washer & dryer machine offers a maximum 10KG washer and 6KG dryer. The 2-in-1 washer and dryer laundry solution, saving space, providing a high level performance in both washing and drying.

  • Quick wash and dry
  • Big washing capacity
  • More energy saving

Convenient, easier life

Quick Wash function is designed to clean small, lightly soiled loads in 15 minutes.

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