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New 2020 Cooking Range

Built-In Oven


  • Made in Europe
  • Colour: Black + Stainless Steel
  • Handle Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Control Panel Material: Glass
  • Gentle Close Door Hinge
  • Usable Oven Volume: 71l
  • Multisystem Oven BigSpace: 71l
  • SuperSize Baking Area
  • Surface of the Largest Baking Pan: 1316cm2
  • ProGrill


  • Manual Temperature Control
  • Knob Shape: Sinkable Knobs
  • Icon LED
  • Thermoelectric Fuse
  • Cool System Plus
  • Double Glazed Oven Door with One Heat Deflector (Compact Door)
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Removable Flat Oven Inner Door Glass Surface
  • Energy Consumption: 0.81 KWh (Venting), 0.94kWh (Conventional)
  • Connected Load: 3300W
  • Product Dimensions: H595 x W597 x D547 mm

Gas Hob


  • 58cm Built-In Gas Hob
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Front Knobs Control
  • Auto Electronic Ignition
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • Stepless Energy Regulated


  • Rated Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
  • Gas Type: LPG & NG
  • Number of Burners: 4
  • Front Left Burner: Ø120mm, 3.4kW
  • Rear Left Burner: Ø70mm, 1.88kW
  • Front Right Burner: Ø50mm, 0.9kW
  • Rear Right Burner: Ø70mm, 1.88kW
  • Total Heat Input: 8.06kW
  • Product Dimensions: W580 x D500 x H90mm
  • Cut-Out Dimensions: W552 x D470



  • 60cm Wall Mounted Cooker Hood
  • Venting with Air Extraction or Recirculation
  • Stainless Steel
  • 2 Washable Aluminium Filters
  • Push Button Control
  • 1 Rectangular LED Light


  • Rated Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
  • Power of Motor: 1 x 65W
  • Illumination: LED 1 x 1.5W
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Air Flow Max: 330m3/h
  • Noise Level Max: 65dB(A)
  • Air-outlet Diameter: Ø150mm
  • Product Dimension: W600 x D475 x H(565-940)mm
  • 400+400mm SS Chimneys
  • Optional Carbon Filter
  • Including Air Exhaust Pipe

Built-In Oven Key Features

A rounded shape for an Even Bake

The Even Bake shape cooks every dish perfectly. Based on traditional wood-burning ovens, this rounded design ensures hot air circulates freely, heating food evenly so that everything you cook is perfectly done – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

Silent, effortless closing

Close the oven door with almost no effort and no noise. A gentle touch is all that’s needed for this door to fully close without making a sound.

Intuitive, seamless control with Touch LED

Take total control of every dish via this intuitive LED touch screen. Select the perfect programme, set timers and enable the child lock for seamless meal prep.

Gas Hob Key Features

Designed specifically for wok cooking

Ideal for quick and powerful cooking, our Wok Burner has a uniquely designed gas crown that heats the larger exterior surface area of a wok perfectly – allowing you to cook more food, faster.

Cast-iron for handling the highest of heats

Sturdy and stylish, these cast iron supports are cleverly designed to make life easier – move pots easily from one burner to the next and it’s easier to clean up.

Quick, simple, efficient ignition

Ignite and control the hob’s burners with the greatest of ease. Simply press the knob down and rotate it to the desired level with one hand, keeping your other hand free.

Extractor Key Features

Energy efficient illumination

Illuminate your hob below with efficient LED lighting. These lights last thirty times longer than conventional light bulbs and save up to ten times as much power.

Washable filters for a fresher kitchen

All Hisense hoods incorporate washable grease filters, making it easier for you to maintain your appliance and for greater cleaning efficiency.

Steam Clean

Steam Clean breaks dirt down quickly and easily

Loosen grease and stains quickly and easily. Place a water filled baking tray in the oven, select Steam Clean and after only 30 minutes, grease and marks can be wiped off the stain resistant enamel with ease. VIEW: Hisense BI5223BB | Oven

Gas Stop

Guaranteed safety with Gas Stop

Cooking with gas is always safe with the automatic Gas Stop safety feature. If the flame is extinguished as you’re cooking, whether it’s a liquid spillage or it gets blown out, Gas Stop immediately shuts off the supply. VIEW: Hisense HHU60GASS | Hobs


Like a breath of fresh air

This easy-to-install solution draws steam up through a filter, removing odours before recirculating clean air. VIEW: Hisense HHO60TASS | Extractor

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