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  |  Hisense Refrigerators Glossary Terms

Fully adjustable glass shelving is structured so that when a beverage is spilt on the shelf, it will not spill to food stored on other shelves.

To protect food and energy waste in the refrigerator and in the freezer, an alarm sounds if the door is left open for more than 15 seconds.

The easily removable door seals can effectively isolate external heat, and is also easy to maintain and clean.

Maintains a constant temperature to keep food fresh, preventing temperature fluctuation and nutrition loss. It provides better use of energy due to the accuracy of temperature control when compared to standard mechanical or manual controls. Depending on models the Electronic Temperature Control also allows Temperature settings for Refrigerator and Freezer sections be set independent of each other.

Flat back design appliances are space saving and provide a uniform cosmetic look. This convenient feature allows you to position your appliance closer to the wall.

Frost Free technology (also called Auto-defrost or no-frost) applied in refrigerators or freezers incorporates technology to keep the freezer compartment of the appliance from ice build-up. Advantages in Frost Free models include: No need to manually defrost the ice buildup, food packaging is easier to see because it’s clear of frost, most frozen foods don’t stick together, and smells are limited, especially in total frost free appliances, since the air is constantly circulating.

High density foaming ensures a high degree of efficiency and is a key function in meeting Minimum Energy Performance standards.

With this mode selected the refrigerator compartment will automatically be set to 15 ?, and the freezer will remain at Freezing temperatures letting you enjoy your holiday with out worrying about your refrigerator energy consumption.

Hisense’s large freezer sections and drawers provides ample storage. The seamless integrated mold design keeps spills contained.

Providing bright, energy efficient lighting LED lighting is environment-friendly and more functional when compared to traditional light bulbs.

From the initial stages of industrial design, Hisense refrigerators are designed to perform quietly, allowing you to enjoy a more peaceful living environment.

Adjust your crisper storage compartment humidity level to suit the type of food you are storing.

Multi Air Flow designed products allow air circulation through multiple wind channels in the appliance. This further ensures that the refrigerated air reaches each shelf for efficient and uniform cooling.

A reversible door includes pre-fabricated notches on opposite sides of the door allowing for the door to be reversed without having to be flipped end-on-end.

Safety Glass is provides a higher weight load capacity and is not easily broken in normal domestic use. It is four times stronger than regular glass. In the event the glass should break the Safety Glass is designed crumble into small granular chunks to avoid cuts making it a much safer alternative.

The Super Cool function rapidly lowers the temperature in the refrigerator ensuring your food is cooled quickly. It is particularly useful when cooling large amounts of food.

The Super Freeze function rapidly lowers the temperature in the freezer to ensure your food is frozen quickly. It is particularly useful when freezing large amounts of food.

Glass shelves are traditionally easier to clean due to their flat surface. The tempered glass allows for safe use in the home and lowers the risk of spillage.

Top Mount refrigerators provide convenient storage of food produce with easy access. With the Freezer compartment at eye-level, and the fresh food compartment underneath, this design allows for the maximum benefit for most sized kitchens.

The Rotary Ice-Maker conveniently delivers ice into the ice collector with a simple turn of the wrist.

A Vegetable Crisper is a seperate storage space for fruit and vegetables.

Wire shelves are used in some Refrigeration and Freezer models for those who want just want the basics.

  |  Hisense Air Conditioners Glossary Terms

With the ease of your remote controller you can set the time on your Air Conditioner to either switch on or off.

In the event of a power failure your air conditioner automatically restores its previous settings.

The front panel and filters can be detached easily to allow easy cleaning.

An inverter model means that the compressor is powered by a variable speed drive or “inverter”, which enables the compressor to run at a range of speeds from slow to fast, to match the output required. Most conventional compressors run at a constant speed and these types of units vary their capacity by switching on and off at different intervals. Inverters are a sophisticated piece of technology which improve the performance and energy efficiency of air conditioners under normal use.

From the first conceptual stages of industrial design to the finished product, Hisense Air Conditioners are developed and evaluated to meet the lowest noise levels.

Reverse-cycle air conditioning models have the added benefit of heating, as well as cooling. This is useful may in climates that experience cool winters and hot summers. Reverse-cycle air conditioners are among the most economical forms of heating to use.

In-built sleep mode program adjusts the set temperature for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

By pressing the SMART button on your remote controller, the temperature and fan speed automatically adjust to deliver pre-set settings.

Designed to allow your Air Conditioner to draw less current on start-up providing economical and quiet compressor initialization.

By pressing the SUPER button on your remote control, your unit delivers fast and efficient cool air for your comfort.