Hisense 7kg Washing Machine | XQG70-HS1014

Hisense 7kg Washing Machine | XQG70-HS1014

Selecting a washing machine that you can trust with clothes is just as important as the detergent you use. All Hisense washing machines are built to the highest standards, making any choice you make a smart choice.

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Washing Machine Range

Mars Series

Washing Machine Finish


Washing Machine Technology

360° Smart Wash Technology

Washing Machine Capacity


Washing Variable Spin Speed

1000 RPM

Wash Cycle Programs

14 Automatic, 15min Quick Wash, 95? Antibacterial, Drum Clean

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Smart Water & Power Usage

360° Smart Wash Technology automatically measures the weight of your laundry and sets the appropriate washing time.

Time Delay

Want to start your wash cycle later to suit your schedule? Press the “Delay” touch button to select the delay time up to 23 hours.

Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment

Redistributes your laundry inside the drum to ensure smooth and quiet spin operation.

Smart Detergent Dissolving

Automatically measures and adjusts water temperature to better suit dissolve detergent for your wash.

Smart Foam Control

Automatically measures and adjusts the amount of foam build-up during the wash cycle. Too much detergent may create excess foam and leave residue on your clothes.

Smart Wash Time Adjustment

Adjusts wash time based on the weight of your laundry.

General Features

Finish: White
Washing Capacity: 7.0kg
Variable Spin Speed (RPM): 1000
360° Smart Wash Technology: Yes

Wash Cycle Programs

95°C Antibacterial: Yes
15min Quick Wash: Yes
Drum Clean: Yes

Under our policy of continuous improvement, AVAILABILITY, DIMENSIONS, SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME. You should therefore verify with your Hisense certified retailer or contact Hisense Customer Support to ensure this page correctly describes the model currently available.