Stay connected with one of our smartphones. Get amazing features at an affordable price. Our smartphones offer crystal clear visuals with a fantastic camera for both selfies and food photographs. Some of the features include ambient light, proximity and gravity sensors as well as 32 GB of onboard memory on our mid-range models. You can store all of your picture-perfect moments on a Hisense smartphone without space issues. Each model supports Android OS ranging from the most basic to the most up-to-date. Browse our selection of smartphones to find one that fits your needs (and your palm) perfectly.
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Hisense U965 Smartphone
Hisense Infinity U965
Hisense Infinity Elegance 1 E76
Hisense Infinity Elegance 1 (E76)
Hisense Infinity Faith 1 F31
Hisense Infinity Faith 1 (F31)
Hisense Infinity H3s E51
Hisense Infinity H3s – E51
Hisense Infinity H7s Pure Shot
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