Hisense HRVCL144AB Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2 in 1, Vacuum and Mopping
  • XL Dustbin and water tank capacity
  • Powerful battery
  • 30 sets of sensors
  • Smart App control
  • Smart charging
  • Voice control
  • 360 Degree laser eye



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Vacuum and Mopping

2 in 1 automatic home assistant/helper. Electronically controlled water tank with three water flow speeds.Cleaning parquet and ceramic floors.

XL Dustbin/WaterTank Capacity

450 ml dustin
220 ml water tank

Powerful battery

150 mins / 2.5 hours cleaning time. Covering 250m2 area.

30 sets of sensors

2.2 cm Obstacle climbing
10 mm / 1 cm Anti-collision bumper
5-9 cm Anti-fall detection
Pioneer anti-stuck sensor
3 Levels of suction power (auto adapt or select)

Smart App Control

The Smart App has powerful remote capabilities enabling a clear view of cleaning process and cleaning path. Manage and monitor your smart home better and easier anytime from anywhere! Monitor: constant insight into your smart appliances’ statuses. Control: control your appliances anytime from anywhere, even if you are not home.

Smart Charging

Automatically returns to its charging base if it senses the batteries need to be charged. Once batteries are charged it will resume cleaning until mapped space is completely clean.

Voice Control

For basic cleaning functions

360 degree laser eye

Step 1: Scan the layout to understand furniture placement.

Step 2: Map space and plan most effective path for complete clean.