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Propelling Business Into The Future

Your favourite Household appliance brand is now in business! We’re thrilled to offer our consumers an all-new Business product-line to ramp up your offering like never before.  

Cost Efficient and Affordable Digital Signboards.

Designed with SoC Technology, Hisense’s B4E30T Series’ Standard Signage Platform is an integrated entry level platform for displaying media content as a PC-less solution. Designed with dual core SoC technology (System on Chip), these displays can be used as digital signage monitors for both offline and cloud-based managed content. This means that you can rely on various content management systems to help display your advertising.  

A Powerful Visual Experience for Your Customers.

A videowall can provide a striking visual experience, the UNB 500nit L35E5K Series includes an ultra-slim 3.5mm and 1.8mm bezel designs that enable elegant and seamless display with minimal content discontinuation. Hisense IPS displays present the clearest image in both landscape and portrait orientation without any image distortion. IPS also provides 178 degree ultra-wide viewing angle, displaying the most accurate image quality. With continuous 24/7 operation, you can deliver vivid messages around the clock, without worrying about darkening panels.  

Brilliant Touch Triggers Infinite Ideas.

Hisense’s Interactive Digital Board is an engaging solution for both education and business environments, especially during a time when digital conferencing is more prevalent than ever before. Level-up with interactive communication, our superior IR touch screen technology facilitates incredible learning and information sharing opportunities. Eight-core with dual architecture drivers offers incredible performance, along with an impressive 3+32GB large memory and Powerful 8th Gen Intel Core chipset. This nifty conferencing solution also boasts a built-in Android 8.0 system for a smooth processing experience. HIDB Supports two-way mirroring, two-way touch and up to 4-way Split Screen that allows up to 4 devices to present at the same time so everyone’s ideas can be shared.  

Business Aircon Solutions to fit any need.

Now that your visuals are sorted, time to consider the environmental comfort of your business. Hisense offers a selection of HVAC solutions to suit any business or industrial space. Hisense HVAC Cassette Range Hisense HVAC Floor and Ceiling Range Hisense HVAC ducts Hisense HVAC Floor-Standing Air Conditioner Learn more about our comprehensive B2B product offering here