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Redefining Your Home Cinematic Experience

Have you dreamt of a full cinema experience in the comfort of your own lounge? Who hasn’t?   But very few households can realistically commit to the very intrusive requirements of setting up a home theatre. Bulky installations, specialised equipment and lighting – makes this opulent prospect an unattainable addition for many.   However, the sleek and practical Hisense Ultra-short Throw 100″ 4K Smart Laser TV is on its way and is undeniably a cut above the rest.   When we consider the meaning of “luxury”, it’s no doubt that this is a compelling choice. A perfect combination of elegance, innovation and accessibility – the Hisense Laser TV turns what many consider a lavish “want” into an undeniable “must-have.”  

Easy on the eyes

The Hisense Laser TV’s wireless screen means you won’t experience any electro-magnetic radiation. The console projects directly onto the anti-reflective screen and then back to you, easing the harshness of the light even when sitting closer to the screen.  

Make every seat, the best seat in the house

Hisense’s patented laser-source technology distributes vibrant and even display over a massive 100” screen in any type of lighting. Based on innovative Ultra Short Throw (UST) projection, this TV is designed to work in ANY room of your home. So gone are the days of a dedicated home theatre. You can immerse yourself in the joys of big-screen entertainment tastefully and conveniently without the heavy and expensive set-up.  

A next-level window into reality

The Hisense Laser TV brings your daily viewing to life with an enhanced spectrum of colours and the precision of the Laser Light Source. Superior HDR and MEMC technology allows for sharper contrast, and the fluid viewing motion of uninterrupted gaming, action or sports. The 4K, Ultra-HD display is brilliantly impactful on the sleek 100” screen. Your favourite content is now sharper, more vibrant and incredibly detailed- just the way it was intended.  

Superior sound for the ultimate entertainment experience

A true cinematic experience wouldn’t be complete without killer sound. The Hisense 100″ 4K Smart Laser TV provides a professional audio solution. The high-quality dbx-tv® sound technology means you get fuller and clearer sound for comprehensive and mesmerising home entertainment.  

Smarter TV

If you weren’t already sold, the Hisense 100″ 4K Smart Laser TV offers an array of popular built-in apps such as Netflix, Youtube and more. You also have no-fuss, hands-free access with an Amazon Alexa Voice-Control Remote.   It’s no secret that more time at home is the new reality, the new Hisense Laser TV makes home entertainment more-than-incredible with unbeatable value and sophistication. Be the first to get your hands on the future of TV.