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How do I upgrade software for a smart TV?

The USB 3.0 is colored blue and the USB 2.0 is colored white. When updating, please use the USB 2.0 port colored white.

Make sure the USB is empty with no files or folders in USB.

Unzip the file and only take the software to the USB whose name ends up with .pkg. Don’t change the name of file, don’t put inside a folder, don’t copy the zipped file.

The BEST is to format the USB – FAT32 or FAT16.

Option 1

  • Switch the TV on, pull the plug off the wall, plug the USB in, press and keep pressing the power button on remote, put plug back into the wall. Make sure the remote is pointed to sensor and is +/- 40CM from TV set.

Option 2

  • Keep pressing the same button on remote for 5-10 seconds while switching on the TV. It will display “Software Updating” on the screen.
  • The TV will identify and upgrade the software automatically.
  • After a successful update the TV will automatically restart.
Available Software Patches

Check back for regular patch updates