Hisense South Africa Warranty: Jan 2024

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for the purchase of a Hisense product. The following conditions apply to the warranty on your Hisense product, which replaces any other conditions printed or published elsewhere. Please read through the conditions carefully and make sure you understand them. If you have any questions regarding the warranty, please contact us on 0860 447 3673 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Conditions of your Warranty

From January 2024, Hisense warrants the product against manufacturing defects and / or defective material and the working of your product from the date of purchase, provided it is used for its intended purpose for domestic use only, warranty is not covered if the product is used for commercial purpose unless product specified for commercial use. Please see warranty periods below:

CategoryStandard WarrantyExtended WarrantyTotal Warranty
Audio VisualTV36 Months12 Months additional warranty upon registration.48 Months
Laser TV36 Months12 Months additional warranty upon registration.48 Months
Sound Bar24 Months24 Months
Mini Hi-Fi, Party Speaker12 Months12 Months
MobileMobile Phone24 Months24 Months
Tablets24 Months24 Months
Routers24 Months24 Months
Washing RangeWashing Machine
(Front Loader + Top Loader)
36 Months12 Months additional warranty upon registration.48 Months
Twin Tub24 Months24 Months
Tumble Dryer36 Months36 Months
Dishwashers24 Months24 Months
RefrigerationFridges48 Months12 Months additional warranty upon registration.60 Months
Freezers24 Months24 Months
Wine Coolers36 Months36 Months
Bar Fridges24 Months24 Months
Cooking RangeBuilt-in Oven and Hobs24 Months24 Months
Hoods24 Months24 Months
Stand Alone Gas + Electric Cookers24 Months24 Months
Microwave, Air Fryer, Mini Oven24 Months24 Months
BeverageCoffee Machine24 Months24 Months
AirconPortable Aircon12 Months12 Months
CleaningRobot Vacuum12 Months12 Months
Commercial ProductCommercial product sales, please refer to the commercial agreement terms and conditions.
  1. Additional Warranty
    To qualify for the additional warranty the registration of the product must be done successfully within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.
    Please visit us on https://register.hisense.co.za/ for product registration or SMS the word HICARE to 48868 and you will receive a link to our mobile site with easy-to-follow instructions to complete your registration.
    TV & Laser TV: A further 12 months warranty can be obtained (3+1 = 4 Year Warranty).
    Refrigeration: Qualifying models only (4 + 1 = 5 Year Warranty).
    Washing Machine: (3+1 = 4 Year Warranty) this additional warranty is applicable to qualifying models only, Twin Tub Washing Machines are excluded from this warranty condition and will align to the standard warranty.NB: For qualifying refrigeration premium models, a 10-year warranty will be covered on the “Inverter Compressor” only, labour is to be paid by the client. You may contact Hisense or refer to our website for the models covered in this exclusive warranty.
  2. Premium Product Installation Service Offering
    Installation services provided for premium products sold by the manufacturer will be provide a complimentary via a campaign which will be communicated by the manufacturer to a certain. Retailer for a specific period of time. It is applicable to qualifying products.
    All installations have a 50km (kilometer) distance limitation for the premium product installation, any distance further than 50km will be for the client to pay in the difference.
    The installation provided is limited to only a standard setup for any of the premium products. Any fittings or fixtures will be for the expense of the client.
    To book a premium product installation please use the following link: https://hisense.co.za/repairs-returns/
  3. Products purchased outside of South Africa
    1. For products purchased outside of South Africa please consult with your in-country retailer or distributor
      for warranty terms and conditions.
    2. Additional warranty does not apply to countries outside of South Africa, should there be any alternations
      to this please contact the retailer or in country distributor.
  4. Terms & Conditions
    1. The warranty on the product is supplied on condition that only Hisense authorized service agents are used at all times for the warranty to remain valid, this is applicable for any repairs or inspections carried out by Hisense. Hisense bar fridges, extractors and mini-ovens, air fryers, soundbars, mini Hi-Fi’s are not repaired. Kindly return it with the original proof of purchase to the store it was purchased from, within the warranty period from date of purchase. The product will be booked for inspection and verification for the reported fault.
    2. Hisense is in support of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, and in the first 6 (six) months from date of purchase, for valid warranty claims.
    3. It is required to log a service call for inspection and verification for the reported fault.
    4. The warranty of an exchange will not be altered or renewed it will continue from the original date of purchase from the original unit.
    5. Any repairs performed on the Hisense product by Hisense authorized service agents will include a 3-month repair warranty on labor and parts from the date of completion and will not extend or start a new warranty. Hisense takes ownership of any parts removed during warranty repairs.
    6. The warranty shall be applicable only to the original purchaser (and is not transferable) of the product from an authorized Hisense Dealer or Distributor and only where the product has been retained for use in the Republic of South Africa. For warranty conditions, period and queries in any other country, outside South Africa, please consult the in country local Distributor.
    7. Hisense does not create any streaming content applications; streaming applications are maintained by the content owner and is a paid service should the customer choose to use the service. Hisense doesn’t manage the application content nor the functionality of the application. Hisense cannot accept responsibility for the Application failing to perform as specified or for the application’s termination on Hisense TV.
    8. Please refer to the Vidaa terms and conditions: https://www.vidaa.com/end-user-license-agreement/
    9. A GAS Certificate of compliance is required before the manufacturer attempts to honor the warranty on a product or sends out a service technician to attempt to fix the unit. For an electrical stove or oven an authorized installer needs to install the product to ensure a COC can be produced for the warranty to be honored.
    10. Important note: In order to make sure you get to use the warranty supplied with your product and for the protection of your product when returning it, please keep the box your product came in as well as the packaging and all accessories and ensure to retain the original proof of purchase. The maximum time frame for packaging to be kept will be 6 months, thereafter the client can discard the packaging.
    11. South African models and specifications may differ to international models, please ensure you refer to our local Hisense web site to confirm the specifications prior to your purchase. Hisense South Africa will not be held responsible in the event an incorrect model is purchased, based on reviews from other sources and other media blogs.
    12. Any product that has been delivered without any damage to the client’s premises and a signed proof of delivery (POD) with no remarks will not be considered. Damages identified by the consumer must be reported within 24hrs – 48hrs to the retailer and the manufacturer email address provided above.
  5. Warranty Exclusions
    1. The warranty will no longer be valid and Hisense will not be responsible for damage or injury of any kind resulting from electricity fluctuations and surges, lightning strikes, faults in the building wiring, faulty installations, and improper use of controls and or failure to use the product in accordance with the operating instructions and or general misuse and or abuse, improper maintenance or if not used for domestic purposes only, or for damage caused by a superior force (vis major). Where the product has been infested with insects or pests. The product is physically damaged after it left the store. If water or liquid caused damage to the product. If the warrantee seal is tampered with. Any repair or tampering by an unauthorized person or attempt to repair or tamper with the equipment, or use of original parts not supplied by authorized agents, or alterations or modification to the equipment and incorrect installation of the product, shall render the warranty null and void.
    2. Any replacement of a Gas Stove or Gas appliance will require a new COC when submitting a warranty claim with the manufacturer.
    3. Hisense does not install or compensate for reinstallation of a replacement product or repurchased product.
    4. Irregular or unclean supply of electricity or plumbing causing the product to malfunction.
    5. Disassembly of product from any fixtures or removal of brackets from products is the responsibility of the client to remove and make the product freely accessible to perform the inspection and repair. The technician is not responsible for removal of the product from any fixtures or cupboards.
    6. Damages on a new product not reported within 3 days from purchase will not be considered for a review by the manufacturer.
    7. After the first 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, this warranty does not apply to any accessories or to light bulbs, loose glass, glass doors and enameled surfaces, filters, handles, doors, refrigeration glass shelves, drawers or door compartments, water containers, door seals, tv stands or brackets, remotes, 3D glasses, speakers any accessories and other parts subject to wear and tear discoloring or rust. Damage caused by abrasive and highly concentrated cleaners and/or cleaning materials or cleaners prohibited by the user manual, will void the warranty.
    8. After 6 (six) months from the date of purchase of a product the liability of Hisense under this warranty is limited to the replacement and/or repair of the defective parts within the warranty period and does not extend to the installation or removal of the product.