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Go Big With The Hisense Infinity E30 Smartphone!

Finding quality mobile phones that suit your pocket and lifestyle can be tricky – but why settle for less? We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Hisense Infinity E30 Smartphone. This next-generation mobile phone will give you the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and capture the beauty of life, for less. With innovation at our core, we are continually seeking new ways to give our customers affordable, immersive user experiences – without having to compromise on quality. And luckily, we didn’t have to look far to provide a solution that gives you the edge you need.

Why settle?

Experience life’s precious moments one snap at a time. The E30 cellphone exceeds expectations and allows you to capture memories your way. Light up your Instagram feed with high-resolution images, and take advantage of our improved colour, detail and wider angle shots on your new E30. With a generous onboard memory, your device will keep you entertained for hours. Now, you can carry up to 8000 photos, and store 5000 songs and 20 movies – it even has space for your favourite games. Forget having to charge your mobile throughout the day as our long-lasting, reliable battery will ensure you stay connected at the most important times of your day. Our teams have also worked hard to improve our safety, allowing customers to unlock their phone instantly with secure facial recognition technology.


After 50-years of making a difference, we truly understand our customers’ needs and what makes them click. As one of the more affordable smartphones in South Africa, the E30 is one of those slim mobile phones that are light in weight. With a fast-processor, this phone is ideal for any customer who needs a lasting battery, storage capacity for multi-media applications, numerous cameras and an XL screen. They are available in fun colours, empowering customers to invest in a device that fits their personality. Here’s a closer look at the features you can look forward to:

  • 6-inch display

If you are someone who prefers a larger screen on a mobile device, without considering the practicality of the size, you will appreciate the Infinity E30 handset for what it is. With an immersive 6-inch display, you will be able to watch videos, view images, play games and browse social media platforms with ease on your XL screen.

  • 32GB storage

Do you want to access different content from one location; your smartphone? The convenience is yours with an E30. Store your heart out with 32GB of storage capacity. Take thousands of photos, literally, thousands and fill up your playlist with golden oldies and new dance hits. You can also download, and watch movies, series and play games on your device. Whatever you choose to do on your device, the Hisense Infinity E30 will undoubtedly enrich your life.

  • Two selfie cameras

As if one selfie camera wasn’t enough, Hisense introduced two! Indulge in our ultra-modern E30 with an edge-to-edge display. Stand out from the crowd and capture your best look with two cameras snapping at you from different sides.

  • Three rear cameras

We want you to see the world the way we do – wide open. Located on the back of your device, there is a bonus camera. Now, you can switch between selfie mode and rear vision to experience moments the way you choose to see the world. We give you the best of both worlds at an affordable price; and trust us, you’ll never want to look back.


Don’t settle for average mobile phones. With Hisense, you don’t need to compromise on the things that are important to you. Forget the struggle of dealing with limited storage space, poor visibility, a limited battery life and security challenges. Visit a Hisense store near you and grab life’s biggest moments with an Infinity E30 phone in your hand!