We are Proudly
South African

As a Proudly South African company, Hisense has significantly impacted the South Africa’s economy through its local manufacturing operations. Hisense has created job opportunities for thousands of South African’s through research and development centres, manufacturing sites and basing head offices in SA.

Hisense directly employs over a thousand people while providing indirect employment to more than five thousand people in sales teams, supply chains, and other networks.

Moreover, our commitment to local manufacturing has resulted in the production of almost a million fridges and over 10 million TVs in South Africa each year. This helps meet the demand for these products in the local market, but it also positions South Africa as a manufacturing hub for Hisense products that can be exported to other countries.

Beyond the economic impact, Hisense products also provide value to South African consumers, bringing joy and convenience to their daily lives. As a registered Proudly South African company, our contribution to the South Africa’s technology industry is unmatched by competitors, further highlighting our commitment to local operations and the impact on the South African community.

Production Statistics

+1 million TVS
+550,000 Refrigerators

Employment Statistics

Direct employment:


Indirect employment:


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