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Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage

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  • All Weather Capable Display With IP Rating
  • Visible With Polarised Sunglasses
  • Smart Brightness Sensor
  • Safety Lock and Invisible Screws and Hinges
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation Management
  • Easy Maintenance

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All Weather Capable Display With IP Rating

The IP65 and IP55 ratings provide full protection against dust and water projection. Built in intelligent heating and cooling, together with a smart automatic air circulation system. Anti vandal glass for protection from extreme environmental conditions and impacts to the display.

Visible With Polarised Sunglasses

1500/2,000/2,500/3,000/3,500 nits LCD to give you a clear image, even in direct sunlight. Enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarised sunglasses.

Smart Brightness Sensor

Adjusts the brightness of the monitor automatically according to the surrounding lighting conditions. This feature considerably reduces power consumption and increases the monitor’s lifetime.

Safety Lock and Invisible Screws and Hinges

With Professional three-point anti-theft lock design, internal locking of bolts, no exposed high-strength steel doors, Hisense Outdoor Display can prevent criminals from picking locks and doing malicious damage.

Efficient Heat Dissipation Management

Professional software for thermal simulation for cooling system design, which cools down the heat generated from every part of the product with high performance, preventing outside air from entering.

Easy Maintenance

Telecom-class routing design ensures the cabin's sealing performance. Front door access with lock for both wall mount monitor and kiosk models for easy operation and maintenance.