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About Hisense Medical

Hisense Medical is established in February 2014. Our vision is to provide first-class products and solutions in the medical display, image processing, intelligent hospital system solutions such as color ultrasound etc., and to carry out research and development infields such as Al, big data, and loT. To develop health business for the benefit of humankind and become a world-class provider of medical equipment and intelligent medical solutions.

Two main cooperation modes and many successful cases


Cooperation with medical equipment manufacturers. Our medical monitors are sold to worldwide hospitals together with endoscope, DSA, ultrasound etc. through medical equipment manufacturers.


Cooperation with business partners and hospitals, such as radiology department, surgical department(operating room) etc. Our medical monitors are now widely used in 1000+ domestic hospitals and hospitals in the US, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Israel, India, Kenya etc.

Why Choose Hisense medical?

Manufacturing Quality

1000 class clean room, automatic production.


1969-2021 52 years focusing on image solutions.

R&D Engineers

17 Worldwide R&D centers, more than 10,000 engineers.

Advanced Display Technology

Professional display maker with 4,400+ inventions.

Top Class Labs

Top class EMC lab, optical, reliability labs.