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Ultrasound HD60

Ultrasound HD60

Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Our HD60 ultrasound solutions achieve higher standards of imaging algorithms, delivering a more accurate original sound based on a GPU parallel architecture. It processes vast levels of acoustic data simultaneously, while also providing users with a more precise and higher quality image.


  • Faster Speed
  • Excellent Imaging Quality
  • Equipped with AI Technology
  • Comprehensive Application Packages

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Key Features

Faster Speed

Meet the speed requirements of real-time imaging processing technology, 50% faster than the original operation speed.

Excellent Imaging Quality

Greatly improve the spatial resolution and contrast resolution, the imaging is finer, and the frame rate is higher.

Equipped with AI Technology

Equipped with AI-assisted auto measurement and cine recognition technology.

Comprehensive Application Packages

Provide a variety of probe selections and corresponding professional measurement packages.