Hisense South Africa Premium Technology Repositioning

We at Hisense South Africa, a leading international manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances, are thrilled to unveil our new premium positioning. This shift aligns perfectly with our growing range of high-quality offerings. Our new approach symbolizes our dedication to the latest advancements in home appliances and smart TVs and marks our vision for sustained excellence in the future.

Over recent years, we’ve become a household name for tech-savvy appliances. Realizing the leaps we’ve made in technology, we felt the time was ripe to introduce a refreshed, statement-making brand identity. Therefore, we’ve redesigned our logo and repositioned our brand to better echo our progress in the consumer electronics space. Our new branding and logo don’t just highlight our top-of-the-line appliances and smart home systems; they also stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and design. Aligned with the premium quality and aesthetic of our product lines, our new logo offers a sharp, technology-centric look.

Our new logo serves as a beacon, a bright point on the horizon, cutting through the darkness. We are determined to continue spearheading the latest technological developments in the consumer electronics industry. Our brand represents innovation, quality, and excellence. Luna Nortje, our Assistant General Manager and Sales Director, says, “In my two decades in South Africa’s consumer electronics industry, a decade of which has been a proud journey with Hisense, I’ve never seen a brand evolve so swiftly and achieve such heights in innovation in such a brief period. This rebranding will strengthen the association between Hisense and these values in the consumer’s mind.”

Our latest line of premium refrigerators features groundbreaking cooling and food preservation technologies. Additionally, our updated smart TVs now boast ultra-high-definition displays with vibrant colors and sharp contrasts, providing unparalleled picture quality. For those interested in exploring our new premium home appliance range, we invite you to visit any of the leading retailers carrying our products nationwide.