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BM66AE Series

Perfectly Designed for Public Places

Hisense’s BM66AE Digital Signage Displays (43”- 86”) are perfectly fit for public transport and retail locations. Their slim body design will make them blend into their surrounding and make your on-screen messaging stand out. Their vivid and vibrant colours immerse viewers and will effectively provide them with the information they are looking for.

All this with the flexibility and reliability that are required for round-the-clock broadcasting locations due to light sensors, intelligent temperature control and dual-core SOC technology for PC-less offline or cloud based content management. You can rest assure your content will be delivered 24/7 in an elegant, vibrant and reliable way.


  • Round-the-clock operation
  • Smart CMS
  • Landscape & portrait
  • 4K Ultra HD
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Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Key Features

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Round-the-clock operation

Designed with dual-core System on Chip (SoC) technology the Hisense BM66AE series can be used as reliable digital signage displays for both offline and cloud based content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are completely free to choose your content management system to help display your advertising. And if necessary the internal memory will allow you to upload media into the display for instant broadcast without the need for external hard- or software.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Smart CMS

Hisense’s CMS platform allows you to edit and arrange playlists, making content management easy and user-friendly. It supports all rich media content in synchronous playback over a multitude of commercial displays. Besides this status monitoring and real-time control will allow you to quickly and centrally respond to any emergency.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

178° Wide viewing angle

The extra wide 178° viewing angle is a perfect fit for shoppers, employees or visitors that will view displays from diverse angles while passing by.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Landscape & portrait

Both landscape and portrait orientations are possible, providing you with endless creative and functional possibilities to fulfil your commercial or informative goals.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

500 nits

With 500 nits maximum brightness the display panels can deliver amazingly vivid imagery anywhere during daytime and nighttime conditions.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

4K Ultra HD

The 4K Ultra HD picture quality* ensures perfect colour and rich details in all possible broadcasting surroundings, ranging from shops, to restaurants and office buildings.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Automatic time zone

When connected to the Internet each display will automatically synchronise to its local timezone. Making sure scheduled media broadcast is always in sync.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA


Hisense’s displays support a variety of on-screen customisations such as custom startup logo, startup animation, wallpaper and many more. Creating a uniform look & feel for all people working with or viewing the displays

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Auto brightness

Thanks to our advanced auto brightness sensor the BM66AE displays will intelligently adjust their brightness to their surroundings. Making sure energy usage is optimised at all times.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Slim design

With 12mm bezels the BM66AE displays are the slimmest and most elegant in our range. Making sure your broadcasting content is always the focus of attention.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Dust & humidity protection

The main board and power board of each Hisense BM66AE display is coated so it will effectively resist the erosion by dust and water vapour in public space conditions.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Temperature protection

The BM66AE displays are resistant to high temperatures and have an automatic temperature control mechanism. They will automatically adjust their backlight brightness when their temperature reaches 75°C to cool the display. At 100°C they will automatically switch to standby mode.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Fail over

Stable broadcast is ensured with fail over functionality. When the primary source of content goes down the system will automatically switch to predetermined alternative input. All input sources (HDMI,DVI,VGA,DP) also support auto detect functionality.

Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

Detachable logo

For customisation needs the Hisense logo has been made detachable. If for instance you want to arrange multiple BM66AE displays to form a video wall the logos can be freely removed.


Premium Products Solutions | Hisense SA

LAN (RJ45)

2 x USB
2 x HDMI
1 x Display Port
1 x VGA Port
1 x RS232

1 x HDMI Out
1 x RS232