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138" LED All-In-One Display

Create the ultimate immersive AV experience for your boardroom with the Hisense All-In-One LED display. Delivering vivid detail and unrivalled colour depth, the All-in-one 138” LED display will provide finishing touch to any quality meeting space.


  • Front Maintenance & Easy Installation
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Simple power connection

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Brightness nits

With up to 1000 nits maximum brightness, the display panels can deliver amazingly vivid imagery anywhere during daytime and nighttime conditions.

160° High viewing angle

The extra wide 160° viewing angle is a perfect fit for large groups of people that will view the displays from diverse angles while passing by.

High Refresh Rate

With uniform color scale and brightness, dynamic performance of LED display could restore the true scenes without any ripples.

Effortless Set-Up & Maintenance

Easy access allows for effortless set up, operation and maintenance.

Full array local dimming

Local dimming reduces backlight intensity in specific areas of the screen to improve the contrast ratio.

HRC12 grade multi-layer protection

Dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, anti-knock and anti-salt spray.

Multiple Installation Options

Designed to be Installed either on a trolley/motorised stand or wall mounted.

Simple Power Connection

No distribution box and no need for complex power connections.


1. HDMI IN X 3 2. SPIDIF 3. USB x 2 4. LAN 5. AUDIO