Hisense Donates Side by Side Fridge to Fountain of Hope Foundation

In a heartwarming gesture, Hisense recently donated a Side by Side fridge to the Fountain of Hope Foundation, showcasing our commitment to community welfare. Luna Nortje, Deputy General Manager at Hisense, visited the foundation on the day of the donation and expressed admiration for their impactful initiatives.

In addition to the donation, Hisense pledged to give the children from the Fountain of Hope Foundation a tour of the Hisense Factory. This initiative aims to inspire and motivate the youngsters, showcasing opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings, and make a lasting impact in their community.

The Fountain of Hope Foundation operates a feeding scheme, providing meals twice a day for scholars and the elderly. They also have a well-equipped media center with library books and internet access, aiding youngsters in their academic pursuits. Additionally, the foundation recently invested in a soccer field and a netball pitch on their premises, fostering sports activities for the community.

As a Proudly South African company, Hisense takes pride in uplifting communities and offering hope through such initiatives. At the heart of Hisense’s mission are the 5000 direct and indirect job creations in South Africa, locally produced products, and a strong sense of responsibility towards fellow South Africans.

This story is a testament to what Hisense South Africa stands for—a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.