Hisense’s Tale of Giving: A 12-Day Journey to Brighten Lives

In the enchanting days leading up to the holidays, Hisense is scripting a heartwarming narrative of generosity—the 12 Days of Giving. This upcoming campaign promises to be a symphony of joy, resonating with the spirit of festive cheer and support for communities in need.

As the curtains rise on Day 1, Hisense sets the stage with a spotlight on youth empowerment. Laptops, smartphones, and school stationary packs take center stage, crafting a foundation for a brighter future for students in need.


The story gracefully transitions to Day 2, where the focus shifts to the elderly. Hisense, like a caring guardian, pledges to provide warmth and comfort through food parcels, blankets, and warm clothing—spreading joy to the aged and wise members of the community.

On Day 3, the narrative unfolds as Hisense becomes a financial ally, contributing to a noble cause by providing school shoes for underprivileged children. This chapter underscores the significance of supporting education during the season of celebrations.

Day 4 emerges as a pivotal plot point, with stationery, cleaning equipment, and tools taking center stage. Hisense recognizes the transformative power of education and endeavors to provide the essential resources for a better tomorrow.

The tale then weaves into Day 5, where the focus shifts to an underprivileged primary school. TVs, cameras, and video equipment become the storytellers, capturing special moments and crafting lasting memories during festive celebrations.

Preschool children take center stage on Day 6, receiving a magical gift—a trampoline, jumping castle, and gazebo. Laughter, merriment, and glee fill the air as the youngest members of the community revel in joy.

Day 7 unveils Solomon’s Haven, a non-profit shelter, becoming a haven of comfort and dreams. A bunk bed, TV, fridge, and washing machine become instruments of care, making dreams take flight in the lives of those in need.

As the narrative evolves, Day 8 directs attention to children in need, casting a spotlight on celebrations in every home. Groceries, soccer balls, and kitchen appliances blend into a symphony of joy, spreading the festive spirit.

Day 9 unfolds as a heartwarming chapter, enhancing Christmas feels for the elderly. Laptops, microwaves, and printers become instruments of joy, amplifying the holiday spirit for the residents of a care home.

The crescendo builds on Day 10, where children in need are bestowed with pantry items, perishables, and printing paper. A feast of Christmas cheer unfolds, allowing them to celebrate together with joy and cheer.

Day 11 turns a page for office spaces at an underprivileged school. Office equipment, food parcels, and funding contribute to a clean slate, creating gathering spaces and office areas filled with hope.

The grand finale on Day 12 unfolds in an underprivileged school—a culmination of joy, endless glee, and a sense of unity. Uniforms, stationary, sports equipment, and groceries paint a picture of a brighter future.

In this unfolding narrative, Hisense expresses gratitude to all participants, writing a collective story of brightening South Africa for those facing challenges. Stay tuned for updates on Facebook or search for Hashtag Hisense Cares, as Hisense believes that kindness is a story meant to be shared all year round.