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So much fuss about a fridge

When it comes to purchasing, the consumer decision making process is always an interesting one. But at the end of the day, unless you’re one of the fancy one’s, where money doesn’t matter – when you choose to buy something based on look, or brand, or even status – most of us just want value for money right?   This is even more obvious when it comes to buying household basics like refrigerators. Let’s be honest, it’s an appliance that all of us probably take for granted in some way, but secretly, we all know just how important it is.   We certainly recognize the importance of good and efficient refrigeration. There are incredible ideas that come out of our research and development department and it’s important that our consumer knows about them. So, to coincide with the launch of three new refrigerating models, we thought we’d answer some questions for you and take a look at those features, which gives you that value for your money.   PURE FLAT COUNTER DEPTH DESIGN: Pure Flat is where it’s at when it comes to the way our fridges slot in with the rest of your kitchen décor. The aim is to be quietly stylish. A minimal impact with maximum efficiency.   A+ ENERGY CLASS RATING: It goes without saying that energy sustainability is extremely important for the modern-day kitchen appliance. Especially one that remains on for 24 hours a day. Our refrigeration units save 22% more energy than the current class A energy efficiency rating.   MULTI AIRFLOW TECHNOLOGY: Essentially, this system evenly distributes the airflow across all corners of the cavity to regulate the internal temperature. This ensures that all of the contents inside stay fresher for longer.   PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The Precise Temperature Control Function allows you to adjust the temperature of the fridge as well as the freezer to suit your personal needs. In some instances, fridges need to be adjusted to compensate for the environmental temperature, or according to what capacity is being used on a regular basis.   WATER DISPENSER: We all appreciate those little conveniences that suit our fast-passed lifestyles. So, having ice-cold water ‘on-tap’ is no different. The cold-water storage tank situated in the door means you can have ice-cold water whenever you need it. Some people have even been known to fill it up with wine ;).   FROST FREE TECHNOLOGY: This actually works by controlling the humidity levels inside the fridge. By regulating this, it actually controls and prevents the formation of frost. This means that food stays fresher and frozen items defrost quicker, ultimately saving you time and avoiding any unnecessary waste.   The importance of having a good quality fridge is quite evident. Especially if you consider that it houses most of the nutrition that you and your family consume. But if you choose wisely and make your decisions based on knowing what technology is available to you, then you can pretty much guarantee to get that value for money that most of us are after.