/ Hisense Released Self-Rising Laser TV At CES 2020

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Hisense Released Self-Rising Laser TV At CES 2020

On 6th January 2020 at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Hisense officially released three new Laser TV products—the Self-Rising Screen Laser TV, 75-inch Trichrome Laser TV and Sonic Screen Laser TV. Dr. Lin Lan, Vice President of Hisense Group, announced that Hisense Group has set a target of 40 million TV sales units with the aim of becoming one of the top two companies globally.
“The future of display, the future of sound, and the future of form can be found on Laser TV”. Dr. Liu Xianrong, the Chief Scientist of Hisense Laser Display, illustrated the technical direction of the latest three TVs in detail at the press conference. According to him, in terms of TV form, Hisense introduced a prototype of the Self-Rising Screen Laser TV where the screen could be rolled up while maintaining the same optical performance. This type of TV technology is more flexible and allows for easier integration within a home. Hisense
The Trichrome Laser TV is a technological breakthrough which comes in a 75-inch and 100-inch option. The natural colours are displayed using the Trichrome technology and can reach 90% of the colours recognisable by the human eye. The top standard TV colour is BT.2020, and the Hisense Trichrome Laser TV is the only product that can meet this standard. At CES 2020, there will be a world’s first demonstration of Dolby Vision content displayed on a Hisense 4K, 100-inch Trichrome Laser TV. Hisense Hisense is the first to implement honeycomb bionic screen sound technology on the Sonic Screen Laser TV. This technology allows sound to have a clearer sense of positioning, a longer transmission distance, and lower distortion. “It truly realises the integration of sound and image, which leads the future of Laser TV audio technology.” Dr. Liu Xianrong said. HisenseAt the first launch of the Laser TV at CES in 2015, Dr. Lin Lan emphasised that “Hisense firmly believes that Laser display will dominate in the future.”. Subsequently, Hisense has progressed by increasing the size from 75” to 150”. The picture quality improved from single-colour to full-colour. He also pointed out that with a life-long license with Toshiba brands on TVs, Hisense set a goal of 40 million units with the aim of becoming one of the top two companies globally. Hisense Event Pictures Hisense Event PicturesThe eye-friendly feature of the Hisense Laser TV has been fully recognised by the market. According to data from CMM, from January to November 2019, the overall unit sales of Laser TVs in China’s colour TV market increased by 107%, which is the fastest growing product category in recent years. In the North American market, Hisense Laser TVs are also popular with consumers and continue to seize the large screen market.