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Life Improved: Hisense Washing Machine Line-Up For IFA 2017 Shines With Clever And Cost Saving Features

Berlin/Düsseldorf, Sep 01. 2017 – Hisense, the official sponsor of the FIFA world championship 2018™, presents a new range of washing machines at IFA 2017. Among the highlights are a Triple Washer with three individual drums as well as the intelligent HiSmart control center that allows customers to manage their washing machine through their smartphones, anytime, anywhere. Intelligent features like the Power Jet Wash system, an innovative Snowflake Drum, Auto Dosing and extra quiet, state of the art inverter motors bring additional value to the smart washers.   Hisense Smart Washer WFET1014VAW

Taking laundry out of your hands

Common feature of both the Triple Washer and Smart Washer machines is the intelligent HiSmart control center. Customers can manage their Hisense appliance through the easy to use app on their smartphone. The intuitive user interface allows for the scheduling and real-time control of washing cycles. Additionally, a color touch display at the front of the washing machines guides users through all interactions with the Hisense Triple Washer and the Hisense Smart Washer. Doing your laundry has never been easier.

Three drums for triple washing power

Both washing machines offer state of the art technologies for enhanced cleaning results without damaging the delicate fabric of the laundry. The Triple Washer demonstrates this careful yet thorough approach best through its three separate drums. This way, homemakers can separate the laundry by placing regular t-shirts and pants, underwear, and socks into three specialized drums. With individual cleaning cycles adjusted to the clothing types, the Hisense Triple Washer saves precious time, water, and energy – while still ensuring perfect washing results.

Careful handling and clean results

The Snowflake Drum, another innovative feature of Hisense, is a specially shaped drum inside the washing machine, which will give better cleaning results compared to traditional drums. At the same time, it provides enhanced protection and care for even the most delicate clothing. With the same goal in mind, Hisense has developed the Power Jet Wash system. The washing machine injects directed jets of water with dissolved detergent deep into the laundry, which will remove dirt from clothes even quicker and more thoroughly.

Economically sound, for budget and environment

The modern inverter motor, used in both the Triple Washer and the Smart Washer, stays cool during operation and extends the lifespan of the machine significantly. Hisense grants a ten-year warranty on the motor, protecting the customer’s investment and guaranteeing a long and hassle-free service life. Furthermore, it helps reducing power consumption, leading to a much-coveted A+++ rating for the washing machines. Customers will especially enjoy the noise- and vibration-reduced operation of the motor that significantly lowers noises while running.

More comfort and convenience built right in

With the clever Auto Dosing feature, customers are given a helping hand when choosing the right amount of detergent for every washing cycle. The intelligent dosage mechanism controls the input of the washing agent, based on the load of laundry. With storage for up to 20 washing cycles, there is no need to add detergent every time the washer is filled.

Hisense at IFA 2017

All devices are presented at the Hisense booth (hall 6.2, booth 202) at IFA 2017 from September 1st to September 6th 2017. Besides smart washing machine highlights, Hisense also shows its latest TVs, refrigerators and freezers as well as smartphones.