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Who’s Cooking in the Kitchen?

Whether you’re a novice of the culinary arts, or an experienced foodie- Hisense’s comprehensive and affordable cooking range is a must-have addition for any home cook worth their salt.  

The Built-In Oven (BI5223BB)

Effortlessly styled with sleek black and stainless-steel accents, this oven would suit any modern kitchen. However, this oven not only looks the part but is as serious about cooking as you are. Boasting Hisense’s innovative “Dual Cook” function, you’re able to cook two different dishes at different temperatures, at the same time! The unique oven shape and turbo fan means you can expect even heat distribution, and the same qualities of baking in an authentic wood burning oven because of its unique cavity design. And if you weren’t sold yet, say goodbye to tedious scrubbing – because the incredible steam-clean function painlessly loosens grease and dirt for stress-free cleaning.  

The Built-In Gas Hob. (HHU60GASS)

If you appreciate the precision of gas cooking, you will LOVE the Hisense gas hob – featuring 4 ring burners, cast iron pan support and a corrosion resistant stainless-steel finish. Not only is it the pinnacle of elegant European style (a welcomed compliment to any marble countertop,) you can always count on safety in the kitchen with auto-ignition function of the burners, and ingenious flame-failure technology.  

The Extractor Fan (HHO60TASS)

Rounding off this incredible line is an extractor unit. You could easily describe it as “gracefully powerful” with an impressive 64W motor and 3 speed control, yet noise-levels are minimal with its precise European engineering. Additionally, energy-saving LED lighting and washable aluminium filters that are dishwasher safe offers truly superb performance.   Upgrade to exceptional home-cooking (without the hefty price-tag)